About Me

Hi, my name is Alex, I was born 1987 and live in Bavaria, Germany.
since early childhood, I love to tinker on everything technical.

SYN-FLUT.de | Alex und SohnI also made this passion to my job: Forty hours a week, I am working on Unified Communications and TelePresence infrastructure devices. In addition, I am responsible for network, datacenter design and cloud infrastructure.

My biggest project approached me end of last year. My family. I am now a proud father of a son and my hobbies have extended immediately: Now you can find me even on playgrounds. 🙂

While having not that much time anymore, I am trying to write down my knowledge in certain areas. I will write about a lot of different stuff, sometimes in German, sometimes in English, sometimes in both languages. My main focus points will be Linux, Unified Communications and TelePresence. I am always happy to receive comments and suggestions.

have fun while reading,